After 25 Years Of Marriage What Usually Causes A Divorce?

If you know someone in your family or friends, who recently divorced after 25 years of marriage, then you are not alone. When a couple decides to get a divorce after 25 years of marriage, it’s shocking.

Now the question is, after 25 years of marriage, what usually causes a divorce? There would be some serious causes for a divorce. Some common reasons for divorce can be the kids have grown up, financial pressure, and unable to meet the desired lifestyle. 

Some Reasons Why Marriages Fall Apart After 25 Years

Behind every divorce, there are one or more reasons. Some common reasons are given below:

  • Their Age
  • You can’t ignore the age factor. By the time people get married, they don’t feel the age difference as much. But the age difference can become a problem later in life. People go through biological and physiological brain upgrades a few times in their lives between 15 and 40 years. Every time you experience the upgrade, you want to go back to that time. So, most people want to start a relationship with younger people. 

  • Abusive Behaviors
  • A person can be abused in different ways, such as emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, sexually, and verbally. If a person doesn’t have bruises, it never means that he is not suffering from abusive behaviors. In many cases, abuse is done secretly. When you continuously follow the abusive behavior, it wouldn’t be tolerated for a long period. So, people decide to change their path and choose divorce as a solution. However, people need courage, energy, knowledge, and support to walk away finally. 

  • They Are Bored
  • During each marriage, there comes a time in life when people get bored with each other. When you are around the same person 24/7, it can lead to boredom. So, they want to get rid of that boredom, and they choose to divorce as the best option. 

  • Financial Issues
  • When couples have a difference in financial difficulties and spending habits, they finally want break-up. When one spouse wants to save money and the other is a big spender, so here comes the problem. When you are under financial crises, you don’t want to live with that spouse anymore.  

  • Hidden Addiction
  • Hidden addiction can be the major reason that causes divorce. There can be lots of hidden addictions such as drugs, sex, alcohol, smoking, stealing, cutting, and hoarding. At some point in time, the spouse tries to ask her husband to give up the addiction. She communicates for recovery but ends up setting new standards and boundaries. If the partner doesn’t listen to the spouse or doesn’t answer positively, then the spouse prefers to separate because she can no longer watch her husband destroy lives. 

  • Personality Disorder
  • Most couples clash because they have different personalities. Spouse with a personality disorder brings a level of trauma, extremism, and intensity, and it is far more serious than the personality difference. The definition of personality disorder is the inability to accurately perceive reality, the trail of rational interpersonal problems, and history of controlling behavior. The effects of personality disorder can be dangerous, and even counseling can’t do much about it. It results in anxiety and depression in spouses and continuously deteriorates health. So after 25 years of marriage, what usually causes a divorce? It is another reason that causes divorce after 25 years of marriage. 

    • Infidelity

    Irrespective of the age of the person, they still have sexual needs. When intimacy lacks in marriage the spouse may look outside the marriage to fulfill her sexual needs. So, if a couple is divorced after 25 years of marriage, then fidelity can be the reason. Fidelity is a common symptom and can break the bond between wife and husband. 

  • Want Something Better Out of Life 
  • We all change with time because it’s human nature. A person when he gets married at 25 will be different when he reaches 50. Couples grow apart. When they grow old, they only become a roommate or strangers. When people are emotionally attached to their spouses, and after 25 years of marriage, they divorce their wives. When they find themselves in crisis, they often leave their marriages. 

  • A Desire For Independence
  • Those women who are dependent on their spouses look for independence when their kids grow old. When a woman becomes more financially stable, then the chances of a happy marriage are reduced. When women are financially stable, it gives them confidence, and they want to start living alone after a long marriage. So, most marriages end up in a divorce. 

  • An Empty Nest
  • It is the major cause that results in a divorce. Marriages are mostly held together by children. Once the children become adults, and they leave home, then there is no reason to stay in the marriage.  Couples are mostly emotionally anchored when they raise children, and once the children left home, and then there is no reason to remain in the marriage. One or both spouses look for freedom that they didn’t have when they were raising children. 

  • Retirement And Too Much Time Together 
  • When the couple has spent a couple of decades raising children and building their careers, they will only find time after retirement. They don’t want to live with each other after retirement. So, they want to live independently and live a happy life. 


    After 25 years of marriage, what usually causes a divorce? 25 is just a number. When the marriages get old, problems start to arise. Some people can manage these problems, and others want to give-up relations to find peace. The divorce ratio has changed in the last 30 or 40 years. There can be several causes for divorce after 25 years of marriage. There might be some personality disorders, the need for financial independence, infidelity, financial pressure, stress, anxiety, an empty nest, and more importantly, the age itself. As people grow old, they face brain upgrades. So either both or one of them wants to live independently, and that results in a divorce. 

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    Sky Hoon
    He is happily married and have 1 child. He went through the pre marriage counseling and found it useful and wished to share to others in their marriages