My Husband Is Financially Irresponsible

You might have often heard this line from many wives that my husband is financially irresponsible.

If your husband is financially irresponsible, it’s not the end of the world if things can change.

The issue is that money cause around 18% to 20% of disagreements in a married life from a study.

Finances can make or break the relationship. 

You can play your part to change things. In this article, we will discuss the signs of a financially irresponsible husband and steps to get things right. 

10 Signs of a Financially Irresponsible Husband 

First step is to detect, so, let’s have a look at some telltale signs to make things easy. The signs of a financially irresponsible husband. 

  • They don’t let their partner know, how and where they spend money. 
  • They don’t share details of debt with a spouse. 
  • They use debit cards frequently. 
  • They can’t stick to a budget plan. 
  • They always find it difficult when it comes to paying bills. 
  • They don’t have small investments or savings. 
  • They take loans from their friends a lot. 
  • They don’t have control over them when they spend money. 
  • Whenever you talk to them about the money, they don’t feel comfortable. 
  • They don’t want to share responsibilities. 

So, if any or a combination of a few exists in your husband, then your husband is financially irresponsible. 

How to Deal with a Financially Irresponsible Husband?

Money decisions in marriage can play a major role in making or breaking a relationship. We have often seen wives complaining my husband is financially irresponsible. Let’s have a look at some steps that might help you to change your fate. 

  • Evaluate Your Situation
  • First of all, evaluate the situation and try to find out the problems your partner is dealing with. What is their primary struggle financially? 

    • Are they in debt?
    • Are they prone to overspend constantly?
    • Do they lack financial goals or strategies? 
    • Or is it a combination of any of these? 

    Spend some time to find out the root cause. Maybe your husband is financially irresponsible because no one has ever taught him how to spend and deal with money. There can be some other serious problems as well. So, it is better to understand the situation first and then decide what to do next. 

  • Have a Conversation
  • In married life, talking is the best solution to every problem. Communicate with your husband without pointing fingers. Politely ask them to reevaluate your spending habits. Discuss your monthly budget with them. There is a strong chance of a severe reaction while conversation so gets ready for that. 

    Discuss your concerns with your partner and let him know you can’t manage finances in this way. Let him know your needs and other financial problems. I hope it can work if you have an understanding with your husband. 

  • Create a Plan
  • There is a strong possibility that your husband might have already damaged your finances a lot, and now you want to repair your finances. Sit together and create a financial plan. Allow your husband to take charge and ask him to change financial habits. Set a plan that can help to save money, run your monthly expenses well, and pay any debt if you have. More importantly, set long-term financial goals. In this way, you can make your husband financially responsible.

  • Take Finances in Your Hands
  • It takes time to break any bad habit. So, take finances in your hands until your husband becomes financially responsible. When you take hold of finances, you can pay bills on time, and you wouldn’t be overcharged. Try to keep your partner in a loop and work as a team. Take more responsibility until your husband becomes financially responsible.  

  • Seek Professional Help
  • You might have tried everything, and things are not working well for you, then it’s time to take the help of a professional. A professional can help you to deal with whether finances or your husband’s habits. If you feel your finances are out of control, and you are on the verge of losing your relationship, take the help of a financial counselor to get things back on track. 

    Your husband might or might not feel comfortable talking to the third person. So it can go in both ways. It might work for you, or it might get worst for you. The help of a financial counselor can settle things up to some extent. 

  • Take Steps to Safeguard Yourself
  • If you have followed all these steps and still things are not working well, then what will you do? When you try to discuss problems, they will become defensive and push back. If they do so, they are no interested in changing their habits. They might want to stick with their financially irresponsible behavior. 

    Now, you will have to take steps to protect yourself from financial harm. You might want to set up separate accounts on your name. However, it’s not a wise thing to do, but if your husband keeps on putting you in a financially harmful situation, then there is no other way to go. You don’t want to push yourself in such a situation from where you can’t get back. 


    It’s not easy to make a conversation regarding money and finances, but you will have to do so to live a happy life. Nowadays, lots of wives are facing the issue that my husband is financially irresponsible. First of all, identify the reasons and signs of why he is doing so. Then plan a conversation to discuss issues. Create a long-term financial plan and set financial goals. Try to take finances in your hand until your husband becomes responsible. You can get the help of a financial counselor to make things right. If things are not working for you, then take steps to guard yourself. That’s all you can do to make your husband financially responsible. 

    Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form

    Sky Hoon
    He is happily married and have 1 child. He went through the pre marriage counseling and found it useful and wished to share to others in their marriages