Which Life Is Better (Before Marriage Or After Marriage)?

You might have often heard these two terms before marriage and after marriage when someone tries to explain changes in him or her before and after marriage.

Both of these terms are different in nature. For example, a man before marriage wouldn’t be called a father, but the same man becomes a father after marriage. Similarly, a young girl wouldn’t be called mother before marriage, but she becomes a mother after marriage.

In this article, we will discuss which life is better before marriage or after marriage? However, it isn’t that easy to answer this question because different people have different opinions. Some would say life before marriage is better than life after marriage, and some are saying the opposite. 

10 Ways Your Life Will Change After Marriage

Without any doubt, marriage is a name of responsibility, and it is a life-changing event. 

  • Money Management
  • The biggest change you will see in yourself is managing finances. After marriage, you are legally bound to someone, so that you will organize your finances differently. You will look at money from a different perspective, and your priorities will be changed after marriage. Now, you are going to live together, and the financial success of your spouse becomes your success, and debts of your spouse become your debts. 

  • There will be lots of vulnerable moments
  • When you start your married life, you will start to discover the strengths and weaknesses of each other. You will start sharing your deepest secrets that you haven’t shared with anyone before. The problem is when we share such things; we are bound to be vulnerable. At some point in time, you will think about whether I have done the right thing or not by sharing my deepest secrets. After marriage, every situation demands you to trust your partner. It wouldn’t be as easy at the start, but things will start working after some time. 

  • Responsibilities Will Increase
  • Married life is all about responsibility. You will find yourself a changed personality. Before marriage, you only think about you, and after marriage, you will have to take care of your spouse and kids. When the responsibilities are shared between two people, you will be relaxed. Responsibilities mean you have to take care of the well-being of your spouse along with materialistic goals. Sometimes you will find yourself under the burden of massive responsibilities, but if you do a good job, then the reward will be excellent. 

    So, after the reasons discussed until now, we can say that single life is better than married life. But marriage isn’t a bad thing. If you can manage your resources well, like time, friends, money, and parents, then there is nothing like a marriage. 


  • You start to think about your family differently

    After marriage, the family of the wife doesn’t matter as the notion of the family will be different after marriage. Now, you will have a new set of parents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. You will have to learn more about your in-laws and their traditions.

    After marriage, the dynamics between you and your parents will be shifted. Still, you can seek advice from your parents and in-laws about work and other things. Life can be intimidating when you have to adjust to new relations, but you will have to manage relations. 

  • After marriage, the way of discussing the future is changed
  • Before marriage, when you go for a date, you wouldn’t make realistic plans. As soon as you are engaged or married, you will start to discuss your goals, future plans, and dreams.

    You will have to take lots of factors into account while discussing future plans and goals. After marriage, you can discuss future plans without fear of judgment. 

  • You Work Harder
  • When you are married, your successes are shared. Whenever you got a job promotion, your spouse will enjoy the benefit and vice versa.

    After marriage, people start to work hard because they know how they had a family to support. After a year or two, they will have kids so they start to manage time more effectively. If both have jobs, both will work hard to live a happy life. 

  • You will measure time differently
  • Before marriage, you might count the number of dates or months when you were together, but after marriage, you start to see things differently. Once you are committed to someone, time starts to speed up. You will notice that days start to turn into months and months into years.

    Even though you are committed to your spouse and you know you are going to live together for the next 50 years but start celebrating the little moments. Start celebrating your anniversary and remember the times when you watch your first movie together. So, these are changes that you will see after marriage. 

  • You become more introverted and less agreeable 
  • Studies have shown that during the first and half years of marriage, men become more introverted. As a couple, chances are you both become more introverted. During the first 18 months, both of you are less agreeable. So, these studies reveal that the first year of marriage is the hardest time. 

  • Your social life is changed
  • When you are in a relationship, it wouldn’t be as easy to spend time with your friends as you do before marriage. So, you will find a little bit of time to spend with friends, and it will become precious.

    Especially when you are a newly married couple, it wouldn’t be easy to join friends for weekend parties. 

    Why Single Life Is Better Than Married Life

    There are some reasons why a single life is better than married life. 

    • Decision making is easy.
    • You wouldn’t exercise more, so the chances of weight flux are higher.
    • Stay connected to everyone.
    • No more flirting.
    • Freedom. 
    • No burden of responsibilities.
    • More sleep.

    So, these are the reasons why your life will change after marriage and why single life is better than married life. 

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    Sky Hoon
    He is happily married and have 1 child. He went through the pre marriage counseling and found it useful and wished to share to others in their marriages