First Year of Marriage Advices

The first year of marriage is always hard, and no marriage can be perfect. Couples face lots of different challenges, and it can lead them to divorce.

Now, the point is how couples can live a happy life? How can they deal with the first year? We have 8 tips to survive the first year of marriage together:

  1. Put Away Your Phone
  2. A Happy Married Life Takes A Village
  3. Keep All Your Screens Out of Your Bedroom
  4. Get Out of Expectations
  5. Talk About Finances
  6. Keep a List of Good Moments
  7. Try to Find Happiness in Small Moments
  8. Don’t Forget Romance.

You can make your 1st year of marriage remarkable by doing little good things. You can face challenges together. Both of you can create good and happy moments. So, never take your relationship to the worst stage, that is, divorce. 

8 Tips for the First Year of Marriage

You might not find so many people offering the first year of marriage advice, but we are here to help you. Follow the below-given advice for the first year of marriage to live a happy married life. 

  • Put Away Your Phone
  • Phones can create lots of problems. When you are using a phone, you are not listening to your spouse. You are not paying attention to their talking. Married life isn’t easy, but you can make it easy by following the simple practices. You can simply put your phone away and talk to each other. It will make your spouse feel good. Your spouse will think that you are giving him/her more important than your phone. When we are using the phone we are ignoring our partner. It can’t be a good thing for a healthy relationship. 

  • A Happy Married Life Takes A Village
  • Married life is all about two people. You can’t make it happy if the other one is not interested. It takes efforts from both sides, and you can’t make it happier alone. If you want your spouse to listen to you, talk to you, forgive you, give you time, and spend quality time with you, you will have to do the same. You can’t expect only one person to do all the things. You will have to play your part. When you both are making efforts, you can live a happy and prosperous married life. 

  • Keep All Your Screens Out of Your Bedroom
  • As a new couple, we don’t understand which things are right and wrong for us. We came back from the office and started watching TV or movie on the laptop. In short, we are not giving the proper time and importance to our spouse. So, keep all the distractions away from your bedroom. Make your bedroom a comfortable place where you can spend a better-married sex life. When both of you are looking at your computer and mobile screens instead of looking at each other. Keep your bedroom clean from all distractions. Spend time together, and it will help you to feel good. 

  • Get Out of Expectations
  • We have seen that most marriages fail because couples expect too much from each other. Too many expectations are never good for any relationship. There are two possibilities, one is spouse can try to meet your expectations, or your partner might want to get rid of you. So, if you are doing this, you must be ready for the worst situation as well. Keep your expectations limited, and be grateful for what you have. Believe me; if you can do this, you can live your entire life happily. 

  • Talk About Finances
  • Married life is always full of challenges. Finance is one of the serious issues that can lead to divorce. Talk to each other and share your bank account details and your debts. Make sure that you are dealing with the financial crisis together. Set your long-term goals and make a plan on how you can achieve them. You can keep a record of your spending, and you wouldn’t waste your money when you have financial goals. The same financial goals can prevent you from serious conflicts. 

  • Keep a List of Good Moments
  • What does it mean? It might seem ridiculous, but actually, it’s not. Note down all the happy moments you spend together so far. Whenever you are in an angry mood, try to remember those moments, and those small and big moments can bring a smile on your face. You wouldn’t find too many big moments during your first year of married life, but you can still make a list of small good moments. Live those little moments, and make your day special. 

  • Try to Find Happiness in Small Moments
  • When we get married, we set lots of high expectations. Setting high expectations isn’t bad, but when you go to a new house and start a new life, you face lots of new challenges. You might want to go for a honeymoon to Paris; yes, you can if your spouse is financially stable. Try to keep your expectations low, and whatever small moments you have, try to joy them. First-year of married life is filled with some rosy moments and also with difficult times. You will have to deal with both. Prepare yourself and enjoy every happy moment of your life. Don’t wait for big happiness; enjoy the moment that you have in hand. 

  • Don’t Forget Romance.
  • Romance is a way of showing love. Keep all the distractions away from the bedroom and dining table. Share some romantic words and feelings. Remember, you will have to do this throughout your married life. If you are not romantic, at least do it for the first year of marriage. 


    Every new couple wants to get the first year of marriage advice. Sometimes, you can get it from your friends or elder ones. Don’t worry if you don’t have such friends. You can read this article, as it contains all the tips that can help you to face the challenge of the first year of married life. Sometimes little things can do the magic. No marriage is perfect, and everyone faces a hard time, especially, during the first year. So, follow the above given the first year of marriage advice and live a happy life. 

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    Sky Hoon
    He is happily married and have 1 child. He went through the pre marriage counseling and found it useful and wished to share to others in their marriages