About Us

WinMarriage.com is formed in June 2020 with a goal to help people win in marriage. Besides life and death, marriage is one of the most life-changing event.

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Marriage are usually filled with positive experiences such as joy, excitement and also negative experiences such as anger, frustration.

When a couple get together, they bring their own expectation to the relationship. The willingness to get married is another level to the relationship and the expectations increased dramatically.

Therefore, every couple has disagreements or bickering, but a hallmark of healthy couples is that they address their differences constructively in the long term.

Differences need to be addressed through relational skills like

  • communication and empathy;
  • and critical skills in conflict management such as accepting influence,
  • being open to compromise and
  • navigating gridlock in perpetual issues, among other things.

To create long-lasting relationships or marriages that flourish, couples need to adopt the growth mindset – the belief that they can change, become better and commit to reaching their shared goals.