Can A Marriage Survive Without Love?

If you are in a relationship without love, your relation might feel hopeless, and you feel helpless.

I would suggest instead of wondering how to survive in a marriage without love, focus on what to do when there is no love in a marriage.

Remember, once you love each other, but now there is no love in your relationship. Can a marriage survive without love? It depends on lots of factors. If you both want to carry your relationship, then you can fall in love again. It requires dedication from both parties to live a happy life again. 

Signs That You Are Not Happy In a Loveless Marriage 

When you are in a loveless marriage, some indicators show you are not happy in this relationship. Let’s have a look at these signs. 

  • You are not attracted to sex anymore.
  • You would have nothing to say to each other.
  • You are physical with each other, but mentally and emotionally, you are far apart. 
  • You are actively and intentionally ignoring your spouse.
  • You are more concerned about the needs and problems of other people than your spouse. 
  • The distance between both of you keeps on increasing, and you want some magic to get things back on track. 
  • You start enjoying your life without your spouse.
  • You stop fighting and arguing. 
  • Someone might have destroyed your relationship. 
  • You are no longer ready to listen. 
  • You love to set a relationship with other females.
  • You prefer your friends instead of your life partner.
  • You are no more spending quality time together.
  • Both of you are not interested in dates anymore.
  • Both of you are not the priority of each other. 
  • You start to feel that you are controlled by someone else. 
  • Your partner is not willing to get any help to save this relationship. 

All these are the signs that you are living in a loveless marriage. Now, the question is, can a marriage survive without love? Yes, it can if both of you are willing. You can fall in love again and get things back on track. 

4 Ways to Fix a Marriage without Love

Although it is not an easy task to survive a marriage without love, there is nothing impossible in this world. The word impossible itself says, “I am possible.” So, follow below-given ways to fix a marriage without love. You can get things back on track by working on the basics. It’s never too late in this relationship. 

  • Get Back to Basics
  • If there is no love in a marriage, there would be no happiness. Try to remember that first moment when you met for the first time. Find out that one thing that made you fall in love with each other. There was a time when both of you were happy and in love. 

    Try to find out that good time. Just remember those things when everything was working for you smoothly, and you were living a happy life. You can get back to basics and fall in love again. Use those thoughts and energy when you were in the early days of a relationship. When you find out those things that bring you together, you can live a happy life again. 

  • Add Excitement to Your Relationship 
  • When you follow the same boring routine each day, it can be said that you have fallen out of love. Try to add some excitement to your relationship and look for physical intimacy at one night. Plan a date night for no reason. When you add a spark to your boring and loveless relationship, believe me, it can do magic. 

    During the date, introduce yourself to your spouse and remember why and how you meet in the first place. Always keep planning something new, as it will help you to keep your energy high, and you can bring love back again in your relationship. 

  • Start Communicating
  • If you want your marriage to work again, then you will have to do this. It is the most important way that can help you to get things back on track. Things get worse when you stop talking effectively. When you are distracted by other factors such as kids, career, and friends, then you become strangers for each other. 

    Start communicating with each other. Discuss your family and future plans. Make it your daily routine to communicate with each other even you do this only for a few minutes each night. Talk about things that can bring your relationship back on track. You will start to see your relationship in a whole new light. Communication is the key element of a successful marriage, so start talking as it will help to improve things between you. 

  • Make Each Other a Priority
  • When you are already living in a relationship without love, you need to prioritize each other. You need to make time for each other. You can even plan dates or tours where you can spend time together. You might have lots of things to do but stop for a moment and give your relationship the priority. When you do this, another person feels appreciated and happy. 

    When you make each other a priority, you can find ways to communicate with each other, spend time together, and bring love back to your relationship. 


    Can a marriage survive without love? What will you do when you realize the love once you shared with your spouse is disappeared? Yes, a marriage can survive without love if you both want to carry on this relation. You can easily get things back on track by following simple ways. Communication is the key to any relationship. Prioritize your relationship. Get back to basics and know from where you get into this relationship. Bring excitement to your boring relationship. There is always time to get things right. So yes, if you want to save your relationship, a marriage can survive without love. 

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    Sky Hoon
    He is happily married and have 1 child. He went through the pre marriage counseling and found it useful and wished to share to others in their marriages