Why Wife Always Angry With Her Husband?

When you recently get married, you will enjoy the first few days without any problem, and it is called the honeymoon period.

When this period gets over, you will often see husbands might ask this question, why is my wife always angry with her husband?

The wife gets angry even on little mistakes like when kids drop crumbs on the floor, you forget to bring something, and helper missed a spot while cleaning. It makes husbands frustrated.

In this lecture, we will discuss why the wife always angry with her husband and how to solve this issue? 

Three Valid Reasons Why Wife Always Angry With Husband?

As a husband, you never know what challenges your wife is facing. So, these are the three valid reasons that make your wife angry. 

  • She Is Exhausted
  • I have used the word exhausted instead of tired. When she came back from work and starts running after the kids, it makes them angry. She will be dealing with your baby’s diapers and feeding all night. She might be tired of dealing with your naughty baby. She might have asked you to bring some grocery material, and you forget to bring it, then she will get angry. She might have asked the helper to wash hands before and after cooking.

    There can be various reasons that we never know why the wife always angry with her husband. 

  • Injustice Of Invisible Labor
  • The wife works really hard to run a family. If your wife does the job as well, then it puts an extra burden on her. She manages office work, groceries, kid’s homework, doctor’s appointments, breastfeeding schedule, birthday, and sometimes cooking as well. This list of work is called invisible labor. Indeed, the division of work in homes is gradually equalizing, but you can’t deny the fact that a wife has more parenting chores. 

    Invisible labor is not just about putting pressure on her body. It puts an emotional burden as well. So, along with physical exhaustion, it can be devastating. The sense of unseen work results in anger, and then husbands ask, why wife always angry with her husband? 

  • Sometimes Motherhood Brings Powerlessness 
  • Becoming a mother is a very powerful experience. It has advantages and disadvantages at the same time. Without any doubt, motherhood gives power, but it also takes power at the same time. It empowers you mentally, physically, and spiritually. However, motherhood takes lots of things away from mothers that please them. Her life revolves around the children, and she lost herself in many ways. 

    She has no control over her body. Her breasts are no longer belongs to her. She can’t even eat, sleep, and poop when she wants to do. When she sees herself in the mirror, she feels disgusting. After motherhood, every single decision of her is for the well-being of your kids. When she goes for work, she might not have the same power that she has before having kids. She can’t work extra hours because she gets tired quickly. 

    When she stays at home, she can’t even take the hot cup of tea. So, a woman is facing lots of challenges; that’s why they show anger. So, to save your relationship, instead of showing them anger back, give them respect, treat them politely, and give them love. 

    5 Ways for Dealing with an Angry Wife

    As it is mentioned earlier, most of the reasons for getting angry are valid. So, you will have to ask and treat them politely. 

    • Neutralize Emotionality

    When you are trying to control your angry wife, she might get more aggressive and uncooperative. So, if she is showing anger, be wise, and don’t show anger in return. Let her show her anger, and she will calm down after some time. When you remain calm, she will get calmed quickly. The purpose of neutralizing emotionality is to de-escalate the situation and to calm down things. 

  • Be Respectful
  • When you see your wife in anger, she might be rightly showing it. The best way to deal with anger is to be assertive and show her respect. Try to understand what she wants. When you speak respectfully, you can resolve the matter quickly. When you show such an attitude, it will definitely calm down the nerves of your partner. 

  • Communicate, Understand, And Validate
  • People often show anger because they feel they are not appreciated, not being taken seriously, and not being heard. So, they feel ignored and disappointed. You can calm your partner by listening to them and when they start feeling that they are heard and understood. Try to understand their needs and feelings. 

    Try to know the root cause of their anger. It’s not necessarily true to agree with everything. Just try to understand the situation and calm down. When you politely hear and understand, it makes them feel good. So, in this way, you can calm down your partner. 

  • Practice Patience
  • You might have seen anger, but there might be some emotions of fear, sadness, and pain that you can’t see. Anger allows your partner to feel powerful and in control for a short period. But in the long run, anger hurt them badly. So, show respect and be patient, and get things settled politely. It will help both of you feel good. 

  • Think Influence, Not Control
  • You can’t change your partner, so don’t focus on that. Don’t try to control them, instead create an environment that is conducive to cooperation. Try to treat your partner with sweetness, and it will bring them closer to you. You might have heard that “You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” When you develop a sense of understanding, it gives them confidence. 


    Anger is a natural phenomenon, especially when your wife has lots of responsibilities. Why the wife always angry with her husband? Simply, the work burden forces her to do so, but by following the above strategies, you can calm them down and keep your relationship flourishing. Try to understand each other and give them the respect they deserve. 

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    Sky Hoon
    He is happily married and have 1 child. He went through the pre marriage counseling and found it useful and wished to share to others in their marriages