How to Save Your Marriage When You Feel Hopeless?

When you feel hopeless, and on the verge of a divorce, then these ways or tips can help you to save your marriage.

You might get annoyed, bored, frustrated, and too many other reasons that force the couple that they can’t live together anymore.

In any married life, there came a time when you think about how to save your marriage when you feel hopeless. Still, if you want to save your relationship, it’s never too late. You can put your relationship back on track if you want to do so. 

Some Helpful Tips for How to Save Your Marriage When You Feel Hopeless

As I said earlier, if you both have intentions to save a relationship, then you can do it. Follow the below-given tips to save your marriage when you are hopeless. 

  • Make a List of All the Issues You Feel Hopeless About.
  • Anger can be involved in any relationship, but it never means to give up that relation. Similarly, hopelessness should never mean a divorce. Anger and hopelessness are indicators that there is a problem. So, try to find out the reasons why you feel hopeless and write down all the issues that are stopping you from saving this beautiful relation.  

  • Remember Your ‘Why’
  • The first thing is to try to understand why you want to save your marriage? Do you have any solid reasons or you just want to decide on assumptions? Are you feeling any sense of shame, guilt, or obligation? So, try to understand the reasons, because these reasons will help you to make changes in your married life. 

  • Develop Empathy For Your Spouse
  • Get to know your spouse in detail. Spend some time and see what makes them feel bad? What things irritate them? Try to find out the cause of stress and scare? Learn those helpful tips to bring a smile on your spouse’s face. When you develop deep empathy, you can live a golden married life. Take that initiative and wait because it will come back to you.

  • Be Compassionate 
  • You can’t always agree with your spouse, but choose ways that are kind, caring, sensitive, affectionate, and appreciative. This kind of attitude can help you to win the hearts of any relationship. 

  • Listen With Intention to Learn
  • Listen to learn not with the intention to react. You will have to be positive for active listening. Never wait for your turn to speak. Just pay attention to all the useful information. Carefully observe the body language of your own and your spouse. Look for opportunities where you can add validation and comfort. In any communication, there can’t be anything more powerful than being deeply and truly heard. 

  • Step Away From the Problems.
  • When you feel alone and hopeless, it brings negative emotions in your life, and you start to feel it’s the end of the world. See things from different perspectives. You and your spouse might have unlimited faults by trying to find at least one positive quality. Just imagine your feelings when you were dating for the first time. Bring that energy back into your marriage. Start finding positives in your marriage. When you start moving away from problems, you will start to see life from a different angle. 

  • Eliminate the Root Causes
  • How to save your marriage when you feel hopeless? You can bring happiness to your married life by finding the root causes. Both of you should be agreed on to eliminate addictions, affairs, and aggression from your relationship. You can’t go along and move forward in a relationship if you are facing these issues. So, get rid of all these to bring happiness in your relationship. 

  • Learn Skills to Have a Happy Marriage
  • When you want to recommit to each other, and you think there is no way you can do this, then learn skills. One thing is for sure; it’s never too late to start your relationship again. Leaning skills means learn how to communicate effectively, how to show love and affection, and how to recommit to your new marriage. 

  • Stop the Cycle of Arguments
  • The worst thing we do in our married life is never giving up arguing. No one is interested in ending a fight. We continue to keep arguing and blasting others. After doing all this, we feel there is no hope to save our relationship. There is always a hop if you can leave such an attitude. Stop the exchange of negative words. Start respecting each other. Nip the verbal aggression at the bud. When one person starts practicing this, others will automatically give up. So, you can get back to a happy life by doing this. 

  • Increase Positive Energy to Share with Your Partner 
  • Positive energy means, smile more, have more fun, sex more, and be appreciative. Try to find out things you like about each other. Start praising each other and agree more. More importantly, all these things are free. The more positive energy you will give, the more positive response you will get. So, bring positive energy into your relationship and get things back on track. 

  • Prioritize Your Marriage
  • Marriage isn’t an easy thing. Put negative things behind and always committed to staying by the side of your spouse. Find a safe place to be vulnerable and transparent. If you are unable to develop communication, seek the help of counseling. Put your marriage above everything else. 


    How to save your marriage when you feel hopeless? After some specific period, people start to ask this question. Couples are the culprit for taking their relationship to this stage. However, there is always a chance to get things back on track.

    Follow the above-given tips and get your marriage back on track. Get rid of negative things and find out positives in each other. It will help you to save your marriage and bring back some hope. One thing is for sure, in marriage, it’s never too late to get things back on track. 


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    Sky Hoon
    He is happily married and have 1 child. He went through the pre marriage counseling and found it useful and wished to share to others in their marriages