What Are The Basic Principles Of Marriage?

No couple wants to end their marriage in divorce, and every couple wants to live a happy married life. However, you will have to put some effort into living a happy married life.

We will discuss our 8 basic principles of marriage:

  1. Forgive Each Other
  2. Serve Each Other
  3. Preserve Marriage
  4. Start Admiring Each Other
  5. Turn Towards Each Other
  6. Protect Your Marriage
  7. Celebrate Your Marriage
  8. Renew Your Love 

Marriage principles are methods, techniques, and ways to protect and strengthen the relationship. When these basic principles are applied consistently, you can save your marriage from disaster. When we do everything right to save our relationship, then why marriages fail? 

8 Basic Principles of Marriage

If you want your marriage to be long-lasting, then follow these basic principles. 

  • Forgive Each Other
  • The first and basic principle of a successful marriage is to forgive each other. You should do this as many times as you can. Make sure that forgiveness is unconditional, and after that, start your relationship with a clean slate. Past mistakes can tease you from time to time but never let them ruin your future. So, for a happy marriage, start practicing this basic principle of marriage

  • Serve Each Other
  • The second basic principle of marriage is to serve each other. You can serve in different ways. You can serve with love and fulfill the basic needs of your partner. If you want your marriage to prosper and succeed, serve your partner unconditionally. While serving your partner, don’t expect anything in return. 

  • Preserve
  • After marriage, you would be facing lots of problems. So, to save your marriage, you must preserve marital issues. You might face lots of crises and challenges in your married life. It doesn’t mean that it’s the end of a marriage. You can take these challenges as a booster and can make your marriage strong. Develop the courage to deal with marital issues. Deal with problems with an open mind and courage to save your relationship. 

  • Start Admiring Each Other
  • Most marriages end in divorce because of unnecessary criticism. Successful couples respect each other’s opinions and have positive views about each other. When you have negativity in mind, you can never be a successful couple. For a long-term relationship, admiration and fondness are essential elements. If your relationship is missing these elements, you can’t save your marriage. 

    Start appreciating the little things done by your partner. Listen to them and admire them instead of criticism. Praise characteristics of your partner, it will make them feel good. When you start appreciating each other, it will put negativity away from relationships, and you can live a happy and successful life. 

  • Turn Towards Each Other
  • After a few years of marriage, couples start moving away from each other. It’s not a good practice for a healthy relationship. You will have to turn towards each other. You can do different activities to become closer. Romance is the best activity that can bring you closer. Romance keeps the relationship alive. Spend a few moments in a happy mood with your spouse. 

    Plan evening party, a surprise birthday plan, Valentine’s Day, and birthday parties can bring you closer. Never let your relationship get boredom. Always keep it alive with different fun activities. You can play online games to become closer to each other. When you feel your partner is having a bad day, romance can serve as a good gesture and can freshen up the mood. 

    When you turn towards each other, it makes your relationship stronger than ever. When couples turn towards each other, they are more emotionally attached. This emotional attachment is the assurance of a happy married life. Happy couples have more positivity in their bank accounts this positivity can work well during hard times. 

  • Protect Your Marriage
  • Nowadays, there are lots of threats to your marriage. You might have a threat from inside and outside of the family. You must protect your relationship from these threats. Do your best and seek the help of God for the protection of your marriage. Build a wall of protection between the outside world and your marriage. Remember, you are the one who can save marriage because no one else will do this for you. 

  • Celebrate Your Marriage
  • Marriage is a gift of God and never takes it for granted. Say thanks to Almighty Allah for this beautiful relationship. So, spend time together and celebrate your marriage. Celebrating your marriage makes you closer than ever before. You become physically and emotionally closer. When you look at your relationship as a gift, you stay positive regardless of a happy or unhappy marriage. Celebrate each moment of marriage and save memories so that you can watch and enjoy it later. 

  • Renew Your Love 
  • You love each other, and you get married, is that the end of a love story? Never do that. After getting married, always renew your love by engaging in fun activities. These activities will remind you why you fall in love. When you have fun with your spouse, it can strengthen your bond with your spouse. 

    You can try different online apps to make fun with each other. If you are far from each other, you can use those apps to bring romance into your relationship. Never let distance separate you. Both of you can make efforts to save your relationship, and no one else will do it for you. 


    After marriage, every couple wants to know the basic principles of marriage. There are lots of principles to live a happy married life, but these 8 basic principles of marriage can turn your life. During married life, you will be facing different challenges. 

    Both of you make mistakes so, start forgiving. If you want to live a happy and successful life, then begin appraising and admiring each other. Protect and celebrate your marriage. Never let your marriage become dull and boring. Bring romance in your married life. Renew your love.  Never take your relationship to the worst stage. Never let depression, anger, and stress to ruin your life. Follow these above-mentioned basic principles of marriage and live a happy and successful life.  

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    Sky Hoon
    He is happily married and have 1 child. He went through the pre marriage counseling and found it useful and wished to share to others in their marriages