First Year of Marriage Fighting All the Time

The first year of marriage isn’t easy.

You might be facing lots of challenges.

You might be facing some financial issues.

Every problem results in the fighting.

It is said that the first six months of a newly married life is a honeymoon period, but it is also true the first year of marriage is hard to survive.

Couples keep fighting all the time during the first year of marriage due to these common, reoccurring reasons:

  1. Change in Sex Life
  2. Family Planning
  3. Lots of Cleaning
  4. Not Much Talking About Finance
  5. No Freedom to Move as a Couple
  6. Don’t Communicate Annoying Things

We will also share some tips to deal with these problems that result in fighting. 

Reason Why Couples Fight During the First Year of Marriage

Sometimes there will be solid reasons for fighting, but couples fight on minor issues most of the time. So, let’s discuss the reasons why couples fight all the time during the first year of marriage. 

  • Change in Sex Life
  • During the early days, the sex routine will be different, and you might be doing it every other day. After a few months, it becomes difficult to maintain a hot and heavy sexy life. So, spouses start asking what happened to our sex life. They start fighting on this issue. When sexual passion decreases, one or both partners may feel unhappy with their sex life. 

    Sex is mandatory to keep relationships healthy and running. Sexual life is need for both people, and it should be fulfilled; otherwise, couples keep on fighting on this issue. When you notice a falloff in sex lives, make a conversation with your partner. 

  • Family Planning
  • When you get married, you should communicate with each other whether you want children or not. Make sure that you are on the same page, and both of you know when you are going to start a family. It should be decided how many kids you want and the gap between them, etc. In married life, problems start when one partner wants to have kids, but others want to enjoy life as a couple without kids. 

    So, it is better to discuss it either before the marriage or during the first few weeks. After marriage, the first thing people want from a couple is kids. When people frequently asked this question, couples don’t feel good about it and start fighting with each other. The best solution to this issue is to try to be on the same page because it is the most critical issue. You can’t have a baby without the consent of the spouse. 

  • Lots of Cleaning
  • Almost every new couple wants to enjoy the first year of their marriage. The wife doesn’t want to do work right from the first week. When the husband came back from work, she starts complaining about lots of work. She might get tired of cleaning the kitchen, making dishes, and other things. It can make your relationship healthy if the wife is doing it happily. Nowadays, wives don’t want to do work like labor. According to a recent survey, 65% of people said that it is important to share work for a healthy relationship. 

    When you put the entire household burden on one partner, it would create problems and issues. Being a husband, you need to play your part and place your laundry and other things in place. At least do the things that you can do and leave the rest of the stuff on your partner. In this way, you can live a happy life. 

  • Not Much Talking About Finance
  • Finance is one of the major issues after marriage. When you get married, you have to deal with lots of responsibilities. To me, marriage is the name of responsibilities. You can’t talk about money during the first few months. It is important to discuss your financial position with your spouse. Share your debt and bank balance with them. Set some long-term financial goals. 

    People avoid talking about finances because it leads to arguments. However, it’s not a wise practice. When people don’t talk about finances often keep on fighting all the time. Inform your partner about your earnings and expenditure and make a long-term plan to avoid fights. 

  • No Freedom to Move as a Couple
  • It is another serious issue that most couples face. When a husband is dependent on parents, he can’t move with freedom. It creates lots of problems especially, during the first year of marriage. The wife wants to spend time with her husband in hotels, parks, and parties, but she can’t do it because of a joint family. The wife puts pressure on her husband for separate home and freedom, and they start fighting. You can’t do much about it, but if your wife has such nature, get married when you feel you are stable. 

  • Don’t Communicate Annoying Things
  • You might love your spouse because of personality or bank balance, but some habits will be annoying. Your husband might be a smoker or gambler, and these are annoying things, and you can’t communicate on these habits so it results in fights. There can be lots of other bad habits, like leaving socks on the floor, leave the cap of toothbrush on sink, leave dirty laundry on the sofa, and many more. Couples don’t communicate about these annoying things and start fighting. Things will take some time to get right so, both of you will have to manage. 

    Tips for Newlyweds for the First Year of Marriage

    It depends on the couple, how they want their relationship to proceed. Follow the below-given tips when times are tough. 

    • Communicate and resolve the issue
    • Stop and listen to each other
    • Forgive mistakes and move forward
    • Work together and find a solution
    • Grow in faith together and build some trust.


    You must be familiar with these words, the first year of marriage fighting all the time. The first year of marriage can be challenging, and challenges can result in fights. If a couple is mature, they will find solutions by communicating problems; otherwise, they will keep fighting all the time. Stay calm; communicate problems, and work together to find a solution. 

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    Sky Hoon
    He is happily married and have 1 child. He went through the pre marriage counseling and found it useful and wished to share to others in their marriages