Why Wife Doesn't Respect Husband

When you reach some point in marriage where you realize that the wife doesn’t respect the husband, then what will you do?

Don’t worry; it’s not the end of the world.

You can still regain respect by following some tips. 

If your wife doesn’t respect you, it can be bad for your marriage and children. So, to improve your marriage, both need to resolve the problem and gain mutual respect.

In this article, we will discuss why a wife doesn't respect her husband?

The problem usually arises when a couple has different goals, and they want to achieve them on their own. 

Signs That Show Wife Doesn’t Respect Husband

In married life, wife and husband both should respect each other. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen in most cases. Let’s have a look at some signs that show a wife doesn’t respect husband. 

  • Making Fun of Husband in front of Others
  • Whenever your wife meets her parents or friends, and she starts making your fun in their presence, it means she doesn’t respect you. It can be tolerated if you were in a good mood, but you wouldn’t bear it all the time. Wives usually disrespect husbands by cracking jokes on you about how you speak, how you look, and how you sleep in front of others, it means she doesn’t respect you. She has a habit of insulting you publicly, and you can’t ignore that. When she makes fun of you, you will feel depressed, and you would isolate yourself. 

  • When Your Wife Complains a lot about You
  • No matter what you do, she will not be satisfied and happy. In other words, if you do nothing, then it will be good for her. She will always ask you to become a better person and always complaining about those things that have no relation to you. It is just a way of disrespecting you, nothing else. If you feel you are getting harassed, find a way to deal with this problem. 

  • When She Doesn’t Listen To You 
  • How does it feel when you are talking to someone, and she wouldn’t even reply to you or listen to you. If she is not interested in listening to you, then she might give you lots of excuses for that. Whenever you want to share something important to her, she will always remain distracted. Whatever you say doesn’t mean to her, and you wouldn’t get any attention from her. It is another sign your wife doesn’t respect you. 

  • She Doesn’t Accept Her Responsibilities 
  • There can’t be a better sign of disrespectful wife than this. She wouldn’t share family responsibilities with you. Whenever you try to realize about her responsibilities, she will react aggressively. You can’t afford or bear this kind of attitude. 

  • Your Wife Starts Hiding Secrets From You
  • When you get married, it means both of you should know about each other completely. You must share your dreams, failures, and secrets with each other. When your wife starts hiding secrets of her personal life from you, and you came to know about them from a third person, then it is a sign of disrespect. 

  • She Flirts With Others in Front of You
  • Being a husband, you wouldn’t accept this kind of attitude from your wife. When she is in a relationship with you, it doesn’t mean that she can’t flirt with anyone. She can do that, but not in front of you. If she is doing that means she is not respecting you and your feelings. This kind of attitude is an indicator that your feelings don’t matter to her anymore. This type of attitude is disrespecting in any relationship. 

  • She Doesn’t Support You
  • When you are in a relationship, it means you should stand by the side of each other and act as a backbone. You need her support in good and bad times. However, if she is not supporting you when you need her, then it means she is respecting you intentionally. You can’t bear such an attitude for a long time, and you may want to get rid of her. 

  • She Becomes Physically Distant From You 
  • It is another sign of disrespect. Whenever you try to make physical contact with her, she wouldn’t let you do that and avoid you. It means she doesn’t respect you anymore, and your sexual feelings are no more important to her. When you ask her for sex, she might turn into a rude spouse. 

    The moment you came to know that your wife is not respecting you, take timely actions. Otherwise, you may end up breaking your relationship. Try to communicate with her to know why she is doing that? Why she has such a disgusting attitude. You both can save your marriage by resolving issues. 

    How to Deal With a Disrespectful Wife?

    Now, you are familiar with the signs of disrespect, and you want to save your relationship as well, then what will you do? It is frequently asked question by most husbands. When you got married, you would have never thought that your wife wouldn’t respect you. The behavior of your wife will make you a totally changed person. Follow below-given ways to deal with a disrespectful wife. 

    • Confront her at the right time.
    • Don’t get offended. 
    • Give her the space and time that she needs.
    • Involve a close friend, relative, or seek counseling. 
    • Always be ready to move on. 


    In any relationship, love and respect are two sides of a coin. If anyone of these is missing in your relationship, then it wouldn’t be easy to save your relationship. So, think about it and make decisions wisely. Sometimes, we make decisions in anger and then regret our decisions. Why the wife doesn’t respect her husband. All the signs and reasons are discussed in this article. We have also discussed the ways to deal with a disrespectful wife. So, talk to her and ask for the reason for such an attitude. Resolve the issues and live a happy life. 

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    Sky Hoon
    He is happily married and have 1 child. He went through the pre marriage counseling and found it useful and wished to share to others in their marriages