Romance after Marriage

Many marital responsibilities and the addition of kids into family take away lots of things from married life.

Romance is also one of those things that couples forget after marriage.

According to research, romance and love are very important for marital relationships.

When couples lack sex and romance, they are found to be less relaxed and satisfied.

Romance after marriage plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy relationship. A couple might be struggling to keep the romance alive after having responsibilities and kids, but you can manage and make your marriage more romantic.

In this article, we will discuss how to romance after marriage. 

Some Best Ideas for Romance after Marriage

If you are committed, it is not the assurance of a happy marriage. You will have to show love in different ways. Let’s have a look at some of the sweet romance ideas for busy couples. 

  • You can leave a surprise romantic message on any social media platform. 
  • A surprise birthday party, either alone or with your spouse’s friends.
  • You can plan an evening coffee in any calm place.
  • A sweet kiss on the face while leaving for work.  
  • Deliver a bouquet to your spouse in the office. 
  • Send a sexy message to attract your spouse for sex and romance. 
  • Make his favorite dish. 
  • Plan a date at least once a month. 
  • Wear perfumes and jewelry to attract his attention. 
  • Praise your spouse in front of the kids and friends. 
  • Greet and meet him at the door. 

Tips to Maintain Romance after Marriage 

You can make your married life romantic by just being proactive. Romance after marriage can change the whole complexion of a relationship. 

  • Prioritize your spouse
  • Remember, every idea related to romance revolves around your spouse, so give your spouse the priority. When couples start to give importance to work and kids, they forget to rekindle the romance. Nowadays, the thinking of couples has been changed. They think when you are on the bed and share good moments, it is enough, but it is not true. 

    Women love romance more than sex and she wants emotional attachment. So, romance after marriage is important for the well-being of the relationship. For a wife, it is important to show that passion that attracts her husband for the first time when they met. In this way, she can easily attract him for sex. Romance is a two-way activity, and the consent of both partners is mandatory. Otherwise, you wouldn’t enjoy it.  

  • Pay attention to your physical appearance. 
  • When people get married, they stop caring for their look and personality. They don’t put too much effort in to maintain their personality and physical appearance. There are two possibilities; one is your spouse might still love you in this rough look, and the other is he/she might not take more interest in you. The choice is yours. 

    To attract your spouse for romance take some time to maintain your look. When you start caring for a look it can boost sexual attraction. It can be a gesture for your spouse that you care for her feeling. It can help you to maintain romance after marriage

  • Express your love frequently.
  • When we are interested or engaged in each other, we express our love regularly, but we stop doing this after marriage. It is not a wise thing. Keep expressing and sharing your love after marriage consistently. Ask your spouse how he/she is feeling after getting married, kiss her, and do a gentle touch to express your love. 

    Moreover, you can hold both hands to encourage closeness. When you do this, you attract each other for romance. You can try something old like writing a letter and place it in the wallet. Add some flowers in the room, and it can bring romance in your married life. 

  • Set time for one another
  • It becomes mandatory after marriage. Set time for each other. Plan a late-night date where you can have a good time together. Moreover appreciate each other while talking. Wait for kids to sleep and spend time together and lay side by side. These little things can do magic. Try to understand the needs of your partner. Spend a holiday with your family. Try to focus on your partner. 

    Stay with your wife while cooking, and a gentle touch on her waist can be an exciting moment. Schedule some time when both of you can spend time with each other without any interruptions. Surprise each other with different things. All these things can help you maintain romance after marriage. 

  • Experiment with sex
  • Over time, sex becomes rare, and couples stop experimenting with new things. Romance is mandatory to maintain sex. To maintain romance after marriage requires little effort from both sides. Surprise your spouse with sex and start flirting. It can help you to bring romance to your relationship. When you are on a bed, feelings of both matters, it doesn’t mean you came to have sex and leave the bed or go to sleep. No, you will have to satisfy your partner. You can do it with romance and foreplay. To bring excitement while doing sex, try different positions. You can do it at different places in the house. 

    Watch some intimate porn and ask your spouse in which position she feels better during sex. In sex, quality and quantity both matter, but try to focus on the quality of sex instead of quantity. Bring new ideas to sexual life. Keep trying different things, and don’t stick to one thing. 


    Why do marriages fail after a few years? The most common reason is the lack of romance and sex. You can save your marriage and relationship by maintaining romance after marriage. You can try different things to attract your spouse for sex. Lots of sweet ideas we have shared in this article. More importantly, spend time together, understand the sexual needs of each other, frequently express your love, experiment with sex, and give your spouse the priority. By doing all this, you can maintain romance after marriage

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    Sky Hoon
    He is happily married and have 1 child. He went through the pre marriage counseling and found it useful and wished to share to others in their marriages