How Can I Surprise My Wife Randomly (Easy Ideas)

Ever received a surprise text to say “Come down” on a night you didn’t plan to meet, and you rush down only to see your partner standing there with a dazzling smile, your favorite flower in hand, and dinner for you because you haven’t eaten?

Or returning home to receive a surprise gift from your partner placed neatly on the edge of the bed? 

Surprises inject fun, and they keep relationships fresh and exciting! Surprises are also a display of effort, and it’s the thought that counts.  How can I surprise my wife randomly? 

Depending on your wife's preference, below are great ways to show your wife you love and appreciate her:

  1. Video Montage
  2. Sexy Lingerie/ Toys
  3. Love Notes
  4. Plan A Candlelit Dinner
  5. Flowers
  6. Personalized Gifts
  7. Take Her Shopping

Video Montage of Memories

Who wouldn’t love to see a video montage of your memories together? This gift wouldn’t take long either, depending on the complexity of the project you wish to undertake. Do a quick selection of your most memorable photos and/or videos, and splice them together! There are plenty of free video editing apps these days, whether online or on your phone.

The easiest way is having either of these that can automatically make montage:

  1. iMovie on Apple iPad
  2. Google Photos

If there’re things you find hard to articulate in person, this is also a great chance to pepper in some text at the back to wrap the video up nicely!

Sexy Lingerie/ Toys

What better way to spice up your love life and get a little naughty than switching up your wardrobe? That is if this turns both of you on. 

If lingerie isn’t your thing, and you know your wife and you are both open to toys, surprise her with one that you guys have probably talked about but never had time to get!

Just a word of caution though, the last thing we want to achieve here is make her feel like she’s being cornered into something she never wanted to do, so you’re the best judge here. Only get something you’re confident both of you will love, lest this goes sideways.

Love Notes

If you’re too shy to express your feelings in person, leaving small love notes around the house, random notes dropped into her bag, or by the bedside is a fantastic way to remind her of your everlasting love. 

If you’re unsure what to write, here’re some ideas:

  • “I love you.”
  • “I love the way you xxx.”
  • “I am reminded daily that I’m the luckiest man on earth because I have you.”
  • “Thank you for getting dinner yesterday when I’m so busy. I’m a lucky man.”

Plan A Candlelit Dinner

Things can get a tad mundane in the humdrum of life. How about planning a candlelit dinner at a fine dining restaurant? Make a reservation, tell her to dress up and that you’re taking her somewhere, and enjoy the lovely experience!

If budget’s a concern, well, romance doesn’t have to be expensive! You can always opt to cook or cater dinner at home and grab her favorite dishes.

Next, set the stage – Lay the table out nicely with candles, maybe place some candles around the house too (without it being a fire hazard, of course). If you want fire-safe options, some candles require you to pop batteries in. If you already have a diffuser and a selection of essential oils at home, get some aromatherapy going as well!

Consider lining the pathway with rose petals too, if you like. As cliché as that suggestion might be, women do love being wooed and experiencing something out of a movie once in a while.


Flowers are a girl’s best friend – Or rather, the next best friend after diamonds. 

Consider surprising her with a beautiful bouquet waiting for her when she comes home, or better yet, arrange delivery to her office and send tongues wagging of a secret admirer!

She might feel embarrassed by her colleagues’ teasing, but she’ll come home remembering what a stellar husband she has!

Personalized Gifts

Consider this especially if your wife’s love language gifts. Surprise her with a bracelet, or a beautiful necklace, or a bag she’s had her eyes on for a while but could never bear to buy.

If you guys are saving up for a significant milestone and need some lower-budget options, perhaps some chocolates or a practical gift like yoga pants could work!

Take Her Shopping

If you’re unsure what to get her, take her on a shopping trip! This takes the guesswork right out of the equation, and it creates a shared experience for both.

Narrow down to a store she likes, invite her to brunch, and maybe conveniently slip past the store after, and tell her she can have anything (capped at a certain budget, if you’re budget conscious). 

Ultimately, romance doesn’t have to be big, excessive things that require months of planning, nor do they have to be exorbitant. Living together is an accumulation of all the little things, so why not make those little things the best memories you can share?

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Deborah Choo
Deborah Choo loves discussing relationships, platonic or not, as that remains at the heart of human existence. She draws upon learnings from couples’ counselling, and continues to celebrate an incredible journey of growth.

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